Video is the new data frontier

Advancement of the artificial intelligence ecosystem continues to expose a new, rich seam of data. VisualCortex allows organisations to turn their video streams into actionable data.

Core Features

Stream your live cctv camera feeds to wherever you are.

Optionally store and manage your footage in the cloud.

Harvest data from your footage with our expanding machine learning (ML) feature catalogue. Configure your own events such as people counting, dwelling, social distancing and license plate recognition.

VisualCortex allows you to take immediate action as events occur or leverage the data for reporting and enriched analytics when combining with other data sources.

Cloud VMS

A Video Management System (VMS) for both real time and archival video. Intuitively source and consume video with search / tag and analytics capabilities

Feature Highlights

  • Quick set up and intuitive operation
  • Efficient investigation; Tag and search your footage from wherever you are
  • Extensive and established support  
  • Federated architecture, optimised for cloud environments
  • Easy scalability to any number of cameras, servers and sites

ML Feature Catalogue

An expanding array of machine learning features to allow you to get more out of your CCTV footage. Set your own events, alerts and actions for both real time and archival video.

Events are sets of conditions that you configure, involving time-based observation of people, objects and zones. When  conditions are met, event data is logged and an alert such as an SMS may be triggered.

Feature Highlights

  • Make dimensionally-correct observations including velocity, distance, direction, etc.
  • Have your events trigger dashboard alerts, email, SMS, or other automation
  • Integrate with Tableau and other BI tools
  • Download your data at any time

Social Distancing

VisualCortex utilises machine learning and CCTV to enable enterprises to better manage virus transmissibility. The right data at the right time, used in the right way, can help restore confidence in retail environments.

VisualCortex is clear and simple to use, and provides information enabling both immediate action and periodic review of social distancing issues, heatmaps of hotspots, and population density monitoring. The data can be used to automate communication and coordinate efficient attendance of security and cleaning staff.

Ongoing monitoring allows organisations to identify trends in order to improve their policies and process.

Video to Data to Insights and actions

In addition to our out-of-the-box reporting tool, which provides extensive alerting capabilities, you can also integrate with third-party BI tools of your choosing for maximum flexibility.

VisualCortex integrates with your existing data warehouses so that you can enrich existing data with insights from realtime video sources.

VisualCortex and Your Business

It is not always clear how video analytics can assist your business.  We can help assess your use case to ensure we understand the outcomes sought, and assess the likelihood that VisualCortex can help achieve them. We can also explain the preconditions, costs and processes involved in setting up VisualCortex and what your expectations should be.

The following process may be appropriate to validate your business case and get your enterprise familiar with the benefits of VisualCortex. 

Batch Processing
  • 1

    Contact us for an up-front quote based on scope, requirements and footage length

  • 2

    Provide us with existing CCTV Footage

  • 3

    VisualCortex processes your footage


    Use the resulting data to identify opportunities and make business decisions

Assess investment cost / benefit
Check that outcomes desired are possible
Visualise your results and identify opportunities

Onsite Pilot
  • 1

    Confirm cameras, processing & connectivity

  • 2

    Accept pilot license and agreement

  • 3

    Install, connect and configure with our help

  • 4

    Collect data for 1-2 months, uncovering insights with our consultant's guidance

Prove out key use cases and capabilities
Refine production scale deployment process
Quantify and extrapolate cost benefit
Analyse integration opportunities

Full License
  • 1

    Confirm cameras, processing & connectivity

  • 2

    Purchase appropriate plan
    (level of features, support, hosting, etc)

  • 3

    Install, connect and configure with our help


    Optimise performance

Drive effectiveness & cost efficiency
Build out strategic capabilities in customer behaviour, staff engagement, performance assessment, safety, security, and more.

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