Our Technology

An introduction to the software, hardware and user plans.


Whilst there is always costs associated with computation, we are always focused on lowering the thresholds for applying AI to your CCTV feeds.

There are four main factors  to be considered in setting up your video analytics capability; availability of your CCTV RTSP stream, compute power required (edge or cloud), internet connectivity, and configuration of the system to achieve your desired outcomes.

Our team can help you further understand the requirements for Visual Cortex and give a gap analysis against your current capabilities.

Compute Power

  • Compute power needs to be calculated for business demands, and can be provided from on-premises (edge) servers or  a cloud provider.  Engineered  edge solutions are available, and we can host cloud environment on your behalf.

Internet Connectivity Bandwidth

  • Requirements increase with the addition of cloud video storage and remote access to event data . As a  guide, 5mbps upload speed is required to upload footage for each camera.

Installation and Configuration

  • VisualCortex becomes more self-configurable every day, but some professional help is always  a good idea to get the most out of your investment. Let us quote you on your technical requirements. We also offer ongoing managed services.

Your CCTV RTSP Stream

  • VisualCortex works with virtually any modern IP camera. The only requirement is that your camera, NVR or VMS (eg. Milestone ONVIF Bridge) outputs an RTSP, MJPG or HLS stream. This covers the majority of the enterprise cameras on the market today.

Design Your Own Plan

VisualCortex is all about lowering the barriers between your enterprise and the benefits of video analytics. So we have constructed customisable user plans to include everything you need, and nothing you don't.

License and Service Tiers

For the number of sites and cameras you wish to connect, and the features you want to use. Don't pay for what you don't need.

Data Analytics Packs

VisualCortex works with a variety of partners specialising in data and analytics. Talk to us to get the most out of the VisualCortex ecosystem.

Cloud Hosting

For those who want all the advantages of cloud storage and compute, but without the complexities of managing their own environment.

Ethical AI

VisualCortex by default does not process, store or utilise personal biometric features such as facial recognition, gait recognition, and voice fingerprints, to infer information about individuals. Servian ensures that all applications of AI in a client's use of VisualCortex passes an ethics principle review and complies with local regulatory requirements.