About Us

At VisualCortex, we have a simple vision. We want to make video the new data frontier for everyone. There is so much valuable information that we observe through videos and yet we have been letting the data slip by. We have designed and developed VisualCortex to enable everyone to capture that value and innovate their new ways of working. Whether it's to make the workplace safer, make shops more intuitive to customers, make care facility patients more comfortable or to make our cities smarter, we believe in video analytics data being the game changer.

We recognise individual differences and welcome people from a variety of life and work experiences. The diversity of our people is core to our ability to innovate, grow and to fulfil our collective aspiration of helping people to own their tomorrow. A natural curiosity, a respect for differences and a growth mindset are valued at VisualCortex.

Current Openings

Customer Success Manager
‍(Sydney, Australia)

Are you someone who truly enjoys helping other people achieve their objectives by showing them the art of the possible, supporting them through their onboarding/ramp up and ensuring they stay on the path to success throughout their journey.

Full-Stack developer
‍(Sydney, Australia)

You will be working closely with product management to turn cutting edge ideas into product features and making them real.

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